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Fast Facts

Four core multidisciplinary products,cross-searchable together on the 金莎赌城网站ProQuest platform
Provides unified 金沙集团娱乐场老品牌access to journals,ebooks,dissertations,news,and video
Makes administration easy for libraries

Intended For


One Unified Experience,,
Four Extraordinary Resources

Join 金莎赌城网站ProQuest on a journey to transform the academic experience.第一次,your library can have 金沙集团娱乐场老品牌access to the world's largest curated collection of journals,ebooks,dissertations,news,视频和主要来源,all in one place.

With 金莎赌城网站ProQuest One Academic,four core multi-disciplinary products –金莎赌城网站ProQuest Central,,Academic Complete,,Academic Video Onlineand金莎赌城网站Proquest论文和全球论文– are now available and cross-searchable on the same user-friendly,responsive,mobile-enabled 金莎赌城网站ProQuest platform.

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

Unified Experience

通过搜索书籍的能力提高最终用户的效率,期刊,video,news,and dissertations – without leaving the 金莎赌城网站ProQuest platform.

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

Varied Content Across Centuries and Disciplines

以真正的多学科教学内容集满足学生和教师的需求,learning,and research.

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

Simpler Administration

Save administrative time by reducing the number of platforms to configure and manage.

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One



金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

金莎赌城网站ProQuest Central

金莎赌城网站ProQuest Central brings together the world's most-used databases to create the most complete,diverse,and relevant multidisciplinary research collection available.你可以找到所有主要主题领域的内容,including business,health and medical (including nursing),social sciences,arts and humanities,教育,science,工程学和宗教。

Learn more about 金莎赌城网站ProQuest Central

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

Academic Video Online

Academic Video Online is the most comprehensive streaming video subscription available to libraries.Curated for the educational experience,Academic Video Online includes 66,包括人类学在内的学科领域涉及面最广的超过000个头衔,业务,咨询,film,health,history,音乐,还有更多。More than 14,1000个标题是Proquest独有的。金莎赌城网站

Learn more about Academic Video Online

金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One

Academic Complete

完成学业使图书馆负担得起,critical mass of 150,000多学科电子书,无限制,multi-user 金沙集团娱乐场老品牌access,powerful research tools and DRM-free chapter downloads.注重质量而不是数量,Academic Complete's hand-selected titles from leading publishers 金沙赌城网站support curricula,graduation rate trends and emerging courses.

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金莎赌城网站PROQUEST One


金莎赌城网站ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Global is the largest digital collection of graduate works,with 4 million dissertations and theses (2 million in full text).Designated as an official offsite repository for the U.S.Library of Congress,该数据库为北美工程提供了全面的历史性和持续性的覆盖,并提供了大量和不断增长的国际覆盖。
Learn more about 金莎赌城网站ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global

For Libraries

  • Serve all users with one multi-format,跨学科收集。
  • 可负担得起跨格式访问当金沙集团娱乐场老品牌前和权威内容的费用。
  • Content is 金沙集团娱乐场老品牌accessible through library discovery services and Google Scholar.
  • 金沙赌城网站Supports a diverse range of learners.

For Faculty and Students

  • One-stop 金沙集团娱乐场老品牌access to a broad array of authoritative content across formats.
  • Simplified workflows.
  • Impressive full-text backfile for thousands of journals and newspapers.
  • Best-in-class user experience.

金沙赌城网站Support & Training

金莎赌城网站ProQuest offers best-in-class customer service,technical 金沙赌城网站support,and training so you can hit the ground running with your 金莎赌城网站ProQuest products and leverage everything they can do.

金沙集团娱乐场金沙赌城网站老品牌Access Support Center

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eLibrary Named a 2019 CODiE Award Finalist

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